Monday, 11 December 2017

C4 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report: 26
Dates: 4th December -  8th December 2017

                    Class: 4B
Class Teacher: Ms. Shaher Bano
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
Learner Profile attribute that will be focused next week's inquirer and knowledgeable. Students will gather information through inquiry/research and present their understanding of the lesson taught.
IB Learner Profile to be focused for the next week is being thinker. Students will learn to be thinkers to know why media is important in our day to day life.
Students  learnt more about conjunctions and framed sentences using them
Students read task cards of their level.
Students did origami paper folding to identify the writing as a tuning in for instructional writing.
Listening & Speaking:
Students listen to peers and teacher and be sportive to share their experiences while learning about the new topic.
  • Worksheet given on conjunctions.
  • Charlotte’s Web link:
اردو کے مفرد حروف تہجی کو صحیح تلفظ کے ساتھ پڑھایا گیا اور بلند خوانی کرائی گئی ۔ اس کا اختبار بھی لیا گیا
کا پراجکٹ کر کے لائیں
According to the mastery plan the student from the beginning and started  revising { Reading and Writing } Varnamala.
Prepare for the assessment criteria which has given.
वाचन मे परीक्षा ली गई ।
चित्र वर्णन  किया गया  ।
अनुच्छेद लेखन किया गया  ।
दिए गए गृहकार्य  को सम्पूर्ण कीजिए।
Abacus: Student’s continue to learn about big friends.
  • Students learnt about real life examples for metric measures and share their experiences.
  • Students learnt to conversion using addition and subtraction.
  • Students will solve the problems from smaller units to bigger units and vice versa.
Abacus: Assessment in abacus in small friends.
  • Worksheet given on metric conversions.

Theme: How the world works
Topic: Simple Machines
Central Idea:Understanding how machines work leads to technological advancements.
Lines of Inquiry:  
  • The principles and types of simple and compound Machines.
  • Inventions which use the Principles of simple Machines.
  • The application of simple Machines in our lives.
Learning Engagement:
  • Students inquired and demonstrated on charts about the Definition, Function, Example and Non-examples of different simple machines in groups.
  • Students were introduced to Force, work and energy. They  watched a video to gain  understanding about Force, work and energy.
  • Students learnt about Friction. They did an activity to understand where the friction is applied in daily life.
  • Students learnt about gravity and the push and pull.
Inquire on the inventors of simple machines and when they were invented.
Students reviewed the classify information that they have completed to develop their reading skills.

Sports Day practice

Mary’s boy child practiced

Students created colour wheel by mixing primary colours.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

C2B Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report:25
Dates:- 04th December - 8th December 2017.

                     Class: 2B
Class teacher: Ms Aysha Farheen.
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
The  LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we focussed  this week for the  topic Health and well Being was Independence.
Meaning:-  I try to find out answers on my own, think for myself.
It was great to see the children learning new things and trying to be independent.
 The  LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTE that we will focus  next week for the  topic Health and Well Being will be Confidence.
Meaning:- I believe in the abilities I have.I share my ideas, thoughts and opinions.
  1. Spell drill-Students had learn new words from the new topic of UOI “Health and well being”.
  2. Task card-Students did task card reading at different levels.
  1. Students learned more about pronouns.
  1. Instructional writing-Students learned about instructional writing.
  2. Students did practice on pronouns.
1.Learn and write the given spell drill words.
2.Do instructional writing for the recipe of ” vegetable salad”.
تمام مفرد حروف تہجی کو ب 'پ 'ت 'ٹ اور ث سے جوڑا گیا اور انکے الفاظ بناے گئے
نوٹ بکس میں دیا گیا
No class
  1. Abacus,students did practice on  10 big friends.
  2. Students did measurement of weight.
  3. Students watched a video on measurement of weight.
  4. Students did practice on measurement of weight(Addition).
Word problems on addition of weight.
Theme: Who we are
Topic: Health and well Being
Central Idea: The choices people make affect their health and well being

Lines of Inquiry:
  • What it means to have balanced lifestyle.
  • How the choices we make affect our health.
  • Different sources of information that help us make choices.

                     Students learnt about the                                             healthy habits .
1.Students were introduced to the line of inquiry(1).
2. Students did KWL worksheet. 3.Students learned about how exercise keeps our body fit and healthy.
4.Students learned about proteins giving suppliments.
5.Students learned about five golden rules for a balanced lifestyle.
1.Make a model of weight machine.
2.Bring pictures of healthy and unhealthy food.

Students created colour wheel by mixing primary colours.

Students reviewed the classify information that they have completed to develop their reading skills.

Naad practiced for milad un Nabi


Saturday, 9 December 2017

C1B Weekly Lesson plan

         Weekly lesson report: 22
Dates:4th Dec-9th Dec 2017

                     Class: 1B
Class teacher:  Ameena Farhat
Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Learner Profile attribute
.The Learner profile attributes which was focussed this week is “knowledgeable”  and “reflective”.      
The learner profile attribute which will be focussed next  week is “ “knowledgeable”  and “reflective”.      
Listening and Speaking: students learned new action commands in power action and read five letter words power reader and enjoyed the song in Karadi path session number 24
Reading and writing:
students did Story comprehension, they read stories and answered the questions, demonstrated their reading skills in the reading assessment,
Writing practice for rhyming words was done.

Students played and enjoyed  ball game on subtraction and strengthen their understanding on subtraction in firefly,students did word problems on subtraction.

Central idea:  All living things go through a process of change.
Line of inquiry:
  • Patterns of growth
  • How living things change over their lifetime
  • Factors that can influence life cycles
Students demonstrated their understanding about the topic in summative assessment and reflected their understanding in the reflection sheet.
HW sheet given
Students used flashcards to recapitulate murakkab haroof-e-tahaji and they did 3.2.1 activity “grow my garden” to re-correct and recap those letters. They also learned the sequencing of letters ( murakkab haroof-e-tahaji.
Complete the missing letters (murakkab haroof-e-tahaji) and write them in sequence.
Students made decorating items and also made hangings, umbrella, fan etc. by using paper plate.
Deeper understanding of keyboard keys.

Students did  power story session of karadi path.
Students were taught a new song Mary’s boy child and  also enjoyed Jingle bells Christmas song.

Students recapitulated vyanjan first two lines by reporting done through the role play of press conference activity.
Students did house colour wise formation.
Students given the complete information about differents games & their Rules which is in sports day.
Practice for upcoming Sports day games done.